Earlier this month, Philly representatives RJD2 and STS dropped their self-titled collaborative album. Fans of RJD2 can certainly appreciate his new vibes on this project, as his production sounds as layered and lush as ever. ​​And those that know STS know he always comes correct on the microphone; his alias is Sugar Tongue Slim for a reason.​

Even with the new release of material, RJD2 and STS aren't done sharing music for their fans as they drop "Good Guys Anthem." The theme behind the record takes on a life of its own as STS raps about making mistakes and getting caught by his girl. "She know I'm a good guy/My kryptonite's a bad bitch." Hey, nobody's perfect.

Check out "Good Guys Anthem" below, and read our latest interview with STS and RJD2, where they discuss their new album and finding inspiration from Jack Daniels. Yes, the whiskey. Their self-titled release is available for purchase on iTunes.