Speak and the guys from Awful Records recently got together to record new music and the result was the video for the trippy collaboration "5150," with Speak and KeithCharles Spacebar. The song, which they knocked out in one day along with the video, is a true showcase of their "No fucks given" lifestyle. Speak kills the hook: "Where ya going/ if you ain't even knowing/ I'm drinking and I'm smoking til I'm floating like a Boeing 747/ I might go 5150, 747, I might go 5150."

The video in itself is pretty amazing, and as Speak tells it, they got so messed up during the shoot that they didn't even remember filming it until the director sent over the cut a few weeks later. "By the time the director showed up we were all pretty wasted. I'm talking throwing up and smashing furniture for no reason wasted," Speak told Complex. "Sometimes it's just fun to light shit On fire. Marcy Mane from Goth Money and Mike Dece were there as well and throwing bottles at crack heads from the window."

Experience the craziness for yourself and watch the premiere of the video above.