If you follow the wild world of SoundCloud, it's super easy to find out when a song is hot. We're not talking about the number of plays a record gets on the streaming service but the sheer volume of remixes that emerge. Original singles from artists like Drake, Katy Perry, and Kanye West can't breathe because every producer with a few spare hours is trying to get his or her name up with a "fire remix." It's similar to writers who are itching to get their "hot takes" on the Internet. And that's what's currently happening to Rihanna's ass-kicking anthem "BBHMM"—and it's tired.

That's not to say that I'm hating on producers trying to get their names out there; you've gotta get noticed some way. Plus, some songs need a proper club rerub so when it's time for the squad to get turnt (or, truthfully, when it's time for me to jam out while washing the dishes), you need tempos shifted, bass lines enhanced, and vocals chopped—we get it. I'm just tired of the remix thirst, especially when someone's already crafted the best remix of "BBHMM" out.

When our friends over at Pigeons & Planes premiered P. Morris' heavyweight remix of "BBHMM," I personally crowned it the best "BBHMM" remix but not loud enough. Instead of remixers doing what they should when they hear perfection—not bothering to drop their own remixes—the "fire remix" thirst has reached an all-time high on SoundCloud, which is now inundated with too many remixes. It turns into these takes being so far removed from the essence of the original that all one can really do is listen to "BBHMMORRIS" at ridiculous levels while wondering why everyone and their mom has to attack this track.

That's not to say there aren't decent reworks; Gent & Jawns did their thing, and frequent Rihanna tour-buddies GTA got an official rework out of it. But P. Morris won this and now everyone else is just trying to catch up. Here are 15 remixes of "BBHMM" (including P. Morris' aforementioned "BBHMMORRIS"); turn up if you want to, but just recognize which version actually did the damn thing.

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