Tonight, A$AP Rocky sits down with Chairman Mao for a livestreaming conversation as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival in NYC. The lecture is going down at Madiba Harlem Theater where he'll discuss his forthcoming project, At.Long.Last.A$AP. and a variety of topics this evening. You can stream it above starting at 8 p.m. EST and keep an eye for updates over at @ComplexMusic.

Fans can join the convo via Twitter by using #RBMANYC and submit their own questions with #ASKROCKY for a chance to have them asked live during the lecture. In addition to the live stream, an audio stream of the lecture will air on RBMA Radio at

Update: Rocky candidly spoke about his feelings coming back to Harlem, which is a sore topic for the rapper. He states "the feeling is going...its not the same. I don't see nobody I know." He went further,  "not only that I came back for Fourth of July, wasn't nobody, no firecrackers, none of that shit; just police on every corner. There's no culture, shit is sad man." 

Update:  Without getting too deep, Rocky discusses being a free spirit and acknowledging his faults, but wanting to grow. "I'm not a role model. I ain't perfect." 

Taking about his new album and his departure from relying on singles, he states "each song is an individual that compliments it as a whole. And it's so hard to describe, it's new age." He then briefly touched on how rock music became a bigger part of his life and a major influence, "around when Yams Died, my boy Joe Fox would throw on our favorite playlist. We would just zone out to that and smoke some weed, cry and stuff..." 

He corrected A.L.L.A's release date, you can expect it on June 2. A$AP Rocky is trying to make history, not just another hot single. However that drive didn't stop him from playing a new song from At.Long.Last.A$AP, entitled "Everyday," featuring Miguel and Rod Stewart, produced by Mark Ronson

Even though he lamented the cultural change of Harlem and New York City as a whole, he praised the diversity found in the cities hip hop scene: "I don't know if there is sound that actually represents or defines New York right, like what sound is that? We don't know. Is it Bobby Shmurda and them? Is it French Montana and them? Is it A$AP and us? Is it Joey Bada$$ and them? Is it Action Bronson? What's the sound? There's not one sound and I think that's the dope thing about it now. If we are going to be honest man, some of the best music, some of the dopest music is coming out Atlanta right? But all them n****s sound the same that's my thing." Rocky went on to praise some of his favorite artists from the A-town, stating that those who do things differently are being rewarded for their efforts. 

After playing "Everyday" Rocky discussed some topical issues that American is facing, especially Ferguson and Baltimore. He sadly disclosed that his album was finished before the events of the past month; unfortunately, it means that Rocky will not be specifically touching on Freddie Gray and the reaction. 

Update: A$AP Mob's album is on the way, but Rocky was reluctant to give a specific date. Last year, fans anxiously waited for the compilation to drop. Unfortunately, it never did and he doesn't want to break anymore hearts by given more details. 

Update: Rocky spoke on having to cope without Yams: "When you leave somebody on good terms, you can rest and sleep well," he continued, "The fact I knew he was proud of me, blood couldn't make us thicker. I knew he was happy for me. I knew he had my back one hundred percent, that's how he died. He had everybody's back that he called brother or family member, he had all of us. That's how I cope with that."

"I'm going to try to live out his legacy the way he wanted it."

Update: Rocky opened the floor for questions from the audience, which inevitably led to someone inquiring on his thoughts about some of the marquee albums of 2015. He says he wasn't able to give everything a deep listen, but he knew he liked Drake's "Know Yourself." He was a big fan of Earl'I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside, and he checked out Tyler, The Creator'Cherry Bomb. "I think Kendrick's album was very jazzy, and a little overwhelming, but I think it was amazing."

In response to another crowd question, Rocky told the story of how Michèle LamyRick Owen's wife—brought him and Yasiin Bey together. Apparently, after missing the last train to London, the two were lucky enough to finesse a limo back to the English city. Once there, the two hit the studio and made "history." Does that mean there is a Rocky and Yasiin Bey collab on the A.L.L.A.? It looks very possible.