On May 8, PC Music, the sickly sweet hyper-real pop nuts, will be taking over BRIC House in New York as part of Red Bull Music Academy. In the build up to the event, they've just released their first ever album, PC Music Volume 1. It's a surprising move from the label that seemed adamant they would only release their music online, but it's by no means an unwelcome one. This is the label's first ever release proper, with the possible exception of QT's "Hey QT", and is available on iTunes and Spotify. Besides old favourites like A.G. Cook's "Beautiful", Hannah Diamond's "Attachment" and Danny L Harle's "In My Dreams", the compilation also includes a brand new joint from GFOTY called "USA", which you can stream below.

Also, check out the label's recent interview with The Guardian; from when they're calling themselves "the white version of Odd Future", you just know it'll be a good read.