So we don’t have teleportation hubs, hardwired neocortexes, or instantaneous pizza delivery. Nevertheless, we’re at a point where technology gives creators and artists a chance to explore ideas and strategies that would have been impossible even 15 years ago. Musicians have always used technology to advance their creativity, their connection with fans, and their cash flow, but each time tech evolves, it opens new doors for artists smart enough to embrace it and think outside the box.

Today, artists have the power to change the entire industry, and many are doing just that. We’re not talking about another gimmicky (and unsettling) holographic Tupac; we’re talking about musicians who are changing the industry with their technological savvy. The artists below embrace technology for everything from reframing how we think about sharing music to finding modern-day patrons of the arts to using tech to enhance their overall creative vision. Whether it’s within a boardroom, the studio, or your smartphone, these artists are doing the most with tech to change the industry.