It looks like Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa are looking to expand their brands and at the same time make a good amount of money doing it. According to TMZ, both Wayne and Wiz are now getting into the DJ business after being inspired by Snoop Dogg and everything he's done recently with some turntables, which includes a Las Vegas residence gig.

Wiz and Weezy's services won't come cheap though, as Wayne is charging a massive $60k to DJ an event, while Wiz set his price at $25k. In addition to their base rates, both rappers are demanding VIP treatment for their time at the gig, as well as first class air to get to the event.

No word on if Wayne has booked his first set yet, but Wiz is apparently ready to get rolling with his DJ career and already booked a gig at Heat in the OC. Whether Wayne and Wiz will be as good behind the turntables as they are behind a microphone remains to be seen.