Lil Mama has reached an elite status with her new video for "Sausage" that few before her have been able to achieve. Her new song and video is so fucking weird that it's impossible not to love every single second of it, and while that might be confusing, if you've ever watched an episode of Full House, you'll understand what we're saying.

Sometimes things are just so astronomically horrible that they propel into a greater realm of rare greatness, and Lil Mama has done that. It's not just about "Sausage" and the video either, but rather the complete sausage movement. The combination of her outfits are somehow throwbacks and futuristic, and the fact that she's dancing like Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer, makes it seem that maybe Lil Mama has it all figured out.

Before she transitions the song into a "Flicka Da Wrist" remix out of the blue—Lil B don't curse her—Lil Mama attempts to share some safe sex advice, and recommends that if you're indeed taking in sausage, make sure you use a condom. Lil Mama decided to save the best for last and share a "Special Thanks" page at the end of the cinematic experience (yes, this is an experience), and listed every person who inspired a rhyme, dance, or outfit in the video. Exactly how did the likes of Fetty WapMethod ManBig Sean, and more inspire the "Sausage" video? You'll have to watch it above.