Jim Jones joined Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones on ESPN's Highly Questionable today (May 20), to discuss growing up and some of the crazier instances in his career. Rapper Jones spoke about a number high-profile sketchy moments, without sparing much detail, including his infamous Rucker Park fight that saw him chased by a large number of people following a basketball game. He stated that it all began after he scoped out a man he didn't "agree" with, and once he saw the opportunity, he made his move without hesitation. 

Le Bartard then asked Jim about his run-in with another New York rapper, French Montana. In response, he had only a few nice words about that situation: "Shouts to French, he is a lover not a fighter. He didn't want no sauce with that, I think that would've been the best bet. I don't think he still wants no sauce with that; so he should just continue loving and enjoy his career, and make the money he is making." 

Bomani and Le Batard get Jones to open up about a lot of funny instances, which makes the interview enjoyable. However, Jim Jones teaching Gonzalo Le Batard how to make it rain, makes the entire viewing experience worth it. Check out the two singing an interesting rendition of "We Fly High."