Rising VA rapper D.R.A.M. recently linked with the folks over at Genius to annotate some of his favorite songs, including the massive hit, "Cha Cha," and Majid Jordan's "Hold Tight." While he broke down the making of "Cha Cha," he also talked about his reaction when he first saw Beyoncé post the video of herself dancing to the song, and said that he was beyond ecstatic when it all went down. 

Bruh, I was out in the LES when I got word that the Queen herself posted an Instagram to MY record. Not anyone else’s, but mine! I lost my mind to the point where I literally stood on the closest bench and hassled random people walking down the street, being like, “HEY, BEYONCÉ LIKES TO CHA CHA!!!” They looked at me like I was trippin’. Oh I was trippin’ alright. Thank you so much Beyoncé.

A few of D.R.A.M.'s excerpts with Genius can be read below, while more can be found here

"Cha Cha:"

As soon as I heard the loop it just came out. I was smoking with my people and we were just laughing. They were looking at me like, “Bro, damn, what is this? What are you doing?” It was just supposed to be some random fun little show opener and the crowd took to it.

Rick James "Jefferson Ball:" 

I caught onto this in the summer of 2013. I had been watching his antics on YouTube and just decided to dig into his discography and I was blown away. I remember I had this little job doing painting under the table. It paid $12/hour. I would leave my headphones in all day and listen to this over and over.

Majid Jordan - "Hold Tight:" 

This shit will make you move! Rick Rubin asked me what I was listening to so I sent him five links of what I liked. He got back to me and said this was the one he liked the most.