Some people spend their entire lives thinking all the pressures in the world fall directly on them. But, then you realize when you surround yourself with solid people, real friends, no lame fucks, it's never really all on you.

That's WebsterX's "Lately," produced by Mic Kellogg. The Milwaukee-based MC found his first dose of fame this year with the video for "Doomsday." Don't get me wrong, he's played shows with Mick Jenkins and been on the come up for some time, but "Doomsday" is a slow-burning, goosebump-inducing hit. "Lately" is a fan appreciation track, he says, and isn't tied to any specific project, and that's because it's a strong enough track to live on its own. 

It more embodies all the new gained attention i got from doomsday and the interesting change of pace i experienced, reason why it's called 'Lately,'" he told Complex over email. "It sheds light on some of the healthy pressures I felt realizing that it's not 'all on me' it's 'all on team' and the people around me who support."

Get to know him over at Pigeons & Planes and expect big things from WebsterX coming soon.