Vic Spencer might just have the best Bandcamp description out: What is the result when you mix the wit of Sean Price, the comedic delivery of DOOM, the unorthodox approach of the late ODB, the lungs of B-Real, and the life experience of a group home resident hailing from the streets of Chicago’s gritty East Side? Answer: Vic Spencer aka The Rapping Bastard.  

To be fair, it's the most honest description of his rhymes out—and most critics can't quite seem to wrap their head around what makes Spencer stand out so much, so let the video for "First Aid Kit" show you. Over the chaotic and soulful production from Tony Baines, Spencer spits about everything from Chi-town politics, competition in the industry, and his current successes—and the video, directed, edited and shot by Aaron Perkins Jr., is equally as dizzying. It's the second single off of his self-released album The Cost Of Victory, which is available on Spencer's site. Read more about him over on Pigeons & Planes right now.