"Out Of the Blue" is a phrase you'll be hearing throughout the summer music festival season, where Pepsi, a supporter of musicians around the world, will be a major presence. They hit SXSW last month and shot the video below, which features rising hip-hop stars Ty Dolla $ign and Fetty Wap, as well as a crew of true up-and-comers, playing a game of everyone's favorite summer pastime, "Pass the Mic." You'll hear freestyle verses from Ty, Fetty, and some names you may not know yet, but soon will, including Star, Lex Lu, Scholar, Q. Guyton, and Shanell. Each of the eight artists featured seizes this moment to give respect to Pepsi, SXSW, and Austin, Texas, proving that anything can happen, at any moment, straight out of the blue.