Earlier this year, Scissor Sisters' guitarist Del Marquis' new group, Slow Knights, released its first single "Just Kiss." Now, the group is gearing up for the release of Living in a Dark World which drops on April 20 and exclusively release the '80s inspired video for "Candy Sugar Rush." Del linked up with director Paul Kamuf through Radar Music Videos. "The first video in his reel was for the electronic duo Crookers. Coincidentally the video stars my cousin, I thought that might be a sign, so I went with it," Del told Complex over email. He produced the track after one of his singers, Mykal Kilgore, wrote most of the lyrics. "We arranged the song and added the bridge, then I built the production around that. 'Candy Sugar Rush' is about having a euphoric song that seems deceptively easy, but isn't. It's easy to get stuck in a rut of just downtempo jams, which is the sound of now for a lot of pop RnB, but I don't want people sleeping on this record."

Fans can expect Living in a Dark World next month, and Del says he wanted a "ride from start to finish," on the album. "I was having too much fun sampling genres within pop and pushing my production and the singers into different corners," he says. "I produced the record, with some additional production on a few tracks by a guy named Prince Vince."

Pre-order now on iTunes, Amazon, or the limited edition vinyl on their site.