Because we know you want more hip-hop emojis and memes in your text game, we introduce you to the new version of the RapKey app. The app, which you can download on iTunes here, lets you send your friends a variety of rap lyrics, sounds, emojis, and more all from the ease of your keyboard. As you can see below, the app offers a full range of options ranging from Jay Z throwing up the Roc, to Drake's OVO logo. 

The app was launched back in November 2014 and is created by Jonah Kaner and Ativ Patel. "I had been sending rap lyrics to friends/family and, after doing some digital work in the industry, said, 'Let’s do it,'" Kaner told Complex over email. "We designed, coded, and submitted the original version in about a week and had a lot of fun. We knew that was just the beginning, though, and thought about how we could expand the vision. Since the initial goal was to make texting more fun, by inserting rap lyrics, we thought about how we could make it even more fun. Alas, emojis and soundbites. Nothing tops the reaction you will get from sending a soundbite or rap emoji to someone that has no idea that it was coming." Full details on the app can be found on their site here.