British songstress Rainy Milo recently released her debut album, This Thing Of Ours, which dropped earlier this month in North America. After the success of her "Bankrobber" cover featuring Kossisko (formerly known as 100s), Milo's title track finally gets a visual, courtesy of director Joseph Gonzalez. On the Cole M.G.N.-directed track, Milo croons about falling deeply in love, and holding it down, while being worried her man will end up in jail leaving her alone. The title pays homage to La Cosa Nostra, of course.

"My songs quite simply tell stories. I always hope that my lyrics create imagery in people's heads, whether it triggers them to see their own personal memories or perhaps they just see my story," she told Complex over email. "Either way, I want people to see some sort of short films in their minds when they hear my songs. "This Thing Of Ours" is based on a relationship I watched between two people while I was growing up, reimagined into a more cinematic version of their story. So of course when it came to creating a music video for the song, I wanted to be sure it was going to be a visual that would tell that story. Two lovers, one over confident in their abilities to get away with crimes, the other skeptical but addicted to the lifestyle."

This Thing Of Ours is available on iTunes now.