While music may be the universal language, Sam Tsui thinks its real power is unspoken. After all, music is not so much based in thoughts or ideas, but feelings and connection. We all lead disparate lives, after all, and for Tsui, music has the power to shorten those distances and help us find common emotional ground.

One thing he treasures greatly is his ability to share music with his fans so quickly, thanks to the aid of modern technology. Tsui has definitely embraced his online presence, not just because it allows him to give fans music so readily, but to receive feedback from them as well—something he takes very seriously. He says that he feels responsible to his fans, to “constantly keep [them] surprised and excited.”

But, in the end, for Sam Tsui, it’s not about having masses of adoring fans. It’s about establishing a connection with one listener at a time. “What you’re doing, you have to believe that’s going to speak to at least one person in the world,” he says. “At the end of the day, that’s going to be what gets people excited—when they see something in you that they can also find in themselves.”

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