"Deal Or No Deal" is the latest single from Sheffield's Clubs & Spades and is yet another example of UK artists blurring the trans-Atlantic boundary, putting a UK spin on the US sound. The video sees MCs Matic Mouth and Shinobi rapping through a housing estate and a mysterious, neon-lit room, interspersed with shots of the two and their producers (Andy Nicholson and Jamie Shield) fleecing each other at poker. This single is pure hip-hop, though there are elements of punk and funk in thereand some live instrumentation, too. The other thing that sets them apart, and it's one of the most obvious, is that they rap and sing with broad Yorkshire accents, something rarely heard in hip-hop. And you know what? The Northern drawl works surprisingly well over a trap beat. "Deal Or No Deal" is taken from Clubs & Spades' EP of the same name, which will be released on May 3 via Sentric. Watch the video exclusively above.