Lil Wayne put his Miami home on the market today, with an $18 million price tag. The home boasts ten bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a sky terrace, a three bedroom guesthouse, and a two level master suite with private glass elevator, quite impressive. Weezy paradise would not be complete without skating, so the rapper had a rooftop and ground level park built for his enjoyment. Everything seems amazing, until the pranksters and nosey fans start appearing.

According to TMZWayne feels like his privacy has been compromised because everyone now knows where he lives. His home was plastered all over national news last month, thanks to a devious prankster calling S.W.A.T. He and his possessions were physically okay, but this was the rapper's last straw.

Weezy has felt that his home was becoming an easier target for would be troublemakers and a haven for fanatical fans for some time. In the past, he noted some supporters getting a little too close for his comfort. If this is the case, the sudden need for new scenery makes sense. Luckily, Wayne owns properties in his hometown, New Orleans, and elsewhere. So, he should be good for a little while. 

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