Produced by: Unknown (presumably Kanye)
Intended for: Watch the Throne
Legend has it: This is probably the most tangible track on the list. Real, non-Illuminati members nor weed carriers have heard it. Originally meant for Watch the Throne, the track flips Andrea Bocelli's "Con Te Partirò" into some, reportedly, hard ish for the rap gods to talk their shit over—the assumed title stems from a phrase they chant in the hook. Kanye meets his niche fashion reference quota with "I'm about to say something crazy, John Galliano," and Jay goes theme-heavy, invoking a lot of mafioso shit, which is to say, both play to their strengths.

Every journalist who was blessed enough to attend the informal listening session hyped it as "fun" and one to watch for in each of their preview/recaps, and Jigga himself said he and lil bro were laughing while creating it (see above photo??). And yet, here we are almost a full four years later and us non-regals have no clue what exactly it entails to live Italian-like. Unlike the tracks that were scrapped once the streets reacted negatively to "HAM," an #influencer tells me sample clearance is the cruel reason why, a hurdle you'd think these two could clear in their sleep at this point in their careers. Hov: You paid Courtney Love and REM god knows how much for 30-second borderline unnecessary interpolations on MCHG. Get this cleared up.