Premiere: Stream Ikey's 'Green Card' EP

Featuring nine brand new songs.

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After a strong lead up of singles and videos to this point, Ikey finally debuts his long-awaited Green Card EP. Reaching for his dreams on the project, Ikey gives fans nine new songs where he often shows off his strong, and deliberate flow that he balances with meaningful lyrics that when combined truly makes him a name to watch in hip-hop. "Since everyone is looking for that one come up, I felt like they'd be able to relate to this theme. Everyone is chasing a dream," said Ikey of the project to Complex.

Ikey is originally from New York City, but he was also raised in Lagos, Nigeria, which is an experience that he has carried through his music. "Lagos is a very huge city. One of the biggest cities in Africa. To me it's very similar to a lot of cities across America but if I had to compare I would say it's a smaller, dirtier version of New York. It has it's nice spots and fucked up spots."

Stream the EP in full below.


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