Remember when MTV used to only show music videos and they were all super awkward in that weird, eighties way? And remember everything had that indefinable VHS quality to it? Shoes were clunky, jeans ill-fitting and hair gravity-defying. No?Well, that's because none of us were born then. Thankfully, Etienne de Crécy is on hand to give us a history lesson with the video for "You", directed by Helmi (the guy responsible for Tiga's "Bugatti" video). If any of the above sounded derisive, rest assured that's not how it was intended. The video for de Crécy's new "You" single is the perfect analogy for French electro house. At the heart of both, is a deep, passionate nostalgia for European club culture and the era they both represented. There's also a vague hypnotic quality to, again, both the track and the video creating the sort of looping groove that permeated the disco sound so often borrowed by French producers. The track is taken from de Crécy's forthcoming Super Discount 3 album. Watch the video above.