It looks like Drake is schemin’ on the low.

The infamous dating service Tinder is fast-approaching 50 million active users, so much so that “swipe right” isn’t just a function of the app—it’s a mantra. Tinder is everywhere: The Atlanta Hawks hosted an officially-sponsored “Swipe Right Night” last week, Lindsay Lohan matched with her brother, and R. Kelly is soulfully cooing about it. Whether it’s changing dating culture or not, Tinder is the digital wingman of the 21st century, and all your friends are using it.

It would appear that celebrities are curious about the power of Tinder, too. An account closely resembling Aubrey Graham was spotted on Tinder last night in Toronto, and Reddit user IJustWannaTellYouWhatImFeeling uploaded a screenshot to prove it.

Could this be legit? Let us know if you match with the 6 God.

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