Last month, M.I.A. spoke with Rolling Stone, during which she opened up about her career to this point and revisited her troubled relationship with Diplo. "I was with Diplo and he basically just like shat on every good thing that was happening to me, and I just didn't enjoy it," M.I.A. said. She also revealed that during her two years with him, she let him dictate her whole life and it wasn't until after they broke up that she really got to enjoy her career and success.

Tensions between the two have remained high since then, as they continued to trade shots at one another on Twitter. In an interview that Diplo did with Billboard last week, he said M.I.A. apologized to him for the Rolling Stone interview and they made amends after not seeing each other for five years. He also made clear that nothing M.I.A. said during her recent Rolling Stone interview was a lie. "I was really jealous and sad, and probably mad when she signed to a major label," Diplo said.

Though Diplo made it seem like the two were cool now, shortly after his Billboard interview was published, M.I.A. sent out a tweet where she flat out said that she didn't apologize to anyone. She also said that Diplo needs to apologize to "her people," which refers to her family issues and the Sri Lankan Civil War. During a New York Times Magazine piece in 2010, Diplo said that M.I.A. was into "the whole terrorism gimmick" when he first met her and that her dad wasn't actually missing in Sri Lanka because he met him in London. "I don't mind if he said bad stuff about me, but to discredit and to devalue what happened in Sri Lanka and with Tamil people during the war is something that is a bit disgusting," M.I.A. said.

Most recently, Diplo returned the shots in M.I.A.'s direction, and said that he wouldn't expect her to be honest about the situation. Whether an apology really took place or not, it's clear that things are not good, and will probably never be good, between the two at this point.