One thing that was always very clear about A$AP Rocky from the moment we met him was that he was charismatic and—if you can get him going—outspoken. So when we sat down with Rocky during our April/May 2015 cover shoot, we chopped it up with him on camera for an interview (which is coming soon) and even his b-roll footage was endlessly quotable. Rocky basically went off on tangents about how hypocritical American drug laws are, how women face double standards when it comes to sex, and how much fan support meant to him when his friend A$AP Yams passed away. 

Here's are just a few choice quotes: 

"Anybody can sell records today. Make a song about 10 bitches on your dick and it's gonna sell."

"I can fuck a chick, and her mom, and her sister and I'm just the man." 

"I get manicures because of women."

So we cut up Rocky's words of wisdom into a video we call Jewels From A$AP Rocky. Watch the clip above and if you can't get enough of Rocky, be sure to check out our latest cover story with him.