Just when you thought Toronto’s love for Drake couldn’t get any deeper, you discover a podcast about “Drake and Drake things.” If your life is lacking in Drizzy discourse, look no further than the co-hosts of Trust Issues—all they care about is Drake and the city that he’s from. Comedian Lauren Mitchell and writer Rawiya Kameir meet once a month to unpack the goings-on in Aubrey’s World. They bounce from topic-to-topic, riffing on Drake’s fashion choices, his cool dad, and of course, the fact that OB O’Brien is missing out on a cross-branding tampon endorsement.

Seriously, why would you listen to Marc Maron grumble about his cats being sick, when you could be hearing about Drake’s experience shower? You think Ira Glass would ever devote air time to tracing the origins of “woe”? Nah. Trust Issues is basically Take Care in podcast form. Trust us.

To prove that we’re committed to celebrating Drake on every medium available, we caught up with Lauren and Rawiya to talk about Toronto’s premiere Champagne Podcast.

Drake, probably listening to 'Trust Issues'

Can you talk a little bit about how Trust Issues came together?
R: I had the idea about a year ago after a friend who works on the radio in Dubai jokingly suggested I call into her show as a Drake expert. I was initially gonna do it with a good friend and fellow OVObsessee—shout out Hema!—but it didn't work for operational reasons. Basically, I just wanted to talk about Drake all day to someone other than Twitter and my mom, and I knew in my heart Lauren would too.

L: Rawiya emailed me one day, asking me if I wanted to start a Drake podcast, and I was like, "I'm listening to Drake RIGHT NOW, so, yeah. of course." Additional detail, I was listening to “How Bout Now,” my most favourite petty Drake song.

What is it about Drake that warrants a podcast? Side note, could you fathom doing a podcast about any other rapper/human being?
L: For me, it is more of a personal thing. I WANT to think about, read about, talk about Drake. So when Rawiya suggested it, it seemed like the most natural thing. I mean, people have podcasts about the weirdest, most mundane shit, so Drake as a topic makes sense to me. He is at least pretty universal. I have enough thoughts about Kanye to have a podcast about him, and I know for a fact Rawiya does too, but I don't know if the world needs more opinions on ‘Ye, to be honest.

R: He's so hilarious and fascinating and everything he touches turns to meme. I could easily talk about Kanye just as much but it would probably just be 45 minutes of me yelling about white people.

If you were to adopt one Drake lyric as your personal mantra, which one do you pick?
L: "Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make up on, that's when (I’m) the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong." Put this on my tombstone. 

R: “Spaghetti bologneeeeese at the Polo Lounge.”

What's your favourite Drake moment of all time?
L: Hmmmmm. There are many, but maybe the time he hosted the JUNOs, because that is so quintessentially Canadian, and also because there is no goddamn way that will ever happen again.

R: When he played Katt Williams on SNL.

What's the moment when you were the most disappointed in Drake?
L: Full disclosure: this is the hardest question for me to answer! I think I might be too much of a stan for this. Even that time he was sitting next to Rob Ford, I was like, “awwww, I forgive you for this.”

R: Other than the moment he decided to encourage OB OBrien's rap career? Probably when he told his mom he didn't wanna go on a date with her personal trainer even though she's free on Thursday.

If you ever had Drake as a guest on Trust Issues, what's the first question you would ask him?
L: Can Rawiya and I move to the YOLO Estate and record our podcast from there, and also use your experience shower?  

R: Where is Rihanna?

How can Tourism Toronto better utilize all the Drake they have access to?
R: Hand over the keys. I got this.

L: Well, in the first episode of Trust Issues. we talked about starting a business where we would give a Drake tour, so like, we could take people to important Drake locations in the GTA. So that would be a start, I think. I also signed a petition today requesting that Toronto give Drake the key to the city, so you know, that too.

Any early OVO Fest 2015 predictions?
L: Ok, and this is me being a little outrageous probably, but wouldn't you die if it was D'Angelo? I would. I hope he tries to bring Frank back as well. 

R: Chris Brown and Tyga will be contestants on that Summer Jam screen.

Listen to the latest episode of Trust Issues below: