Tech N9ne decided to break the tradition of not unveiling his album intros and offered fans the first track off his fifteenth studio LP, Special Effects, back in January. The Strange Music leader is once again going against the norm and dropping the video for “Aw Yeah? (interVENTion),” which Complex is premiering today.

By now, you shouldn’t be surprised at how the KCMO native expresses dark themes through his music. Similar to “Devil Boy” on 2001’s Anghellic, he’s introducing listeners into his own version of hell, or what he believes are the injustices that have consumed the world.  In the stripped down visual, he’s praying to God in front of an altar in hopes all of the awful things done to people are resolved. There are also multiple Tech N9nes to help drive his point, bringing flashes of when Eminem was backed by a bunch of his clones in “The Real Slim Shady” video.

"If you're a true Technician you already know, I never let anyone hear track one off any of any of my albums before they come out, let alone see the visual this early,” Tech tells us via e-mail. “Not only is this that big and important, it was also very therapeutic for me to get this much off my chest at once. This is about to set the tone for Special Effects, get ready." 

Check out the visuals for “Aw Yeah? (interVENTion),” and pre-order Special Effects now before it drops on May 4.