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A few years ago, at the height of the UK funky boom, a producer called Ossie broke major ground with a string of genre-defining EPs on Hyperdub, 2020 Vision, and Wolf Music Recordings. Since then, he's refused to stick to any one style and that defiance has won him some major kudos; he was quickly snapped up by RBMA in Tokyo with Just Blaze and Kerri Chandler, as well as being initiated into Benji B's Deviation crew.

Ossie's latest project, The Buzz, sees him push even further forward, and one track in particular, "Calling On You", could be his finest work to date. According to the young producer, this EP was the first time in a while that he "went back to trial and error" and "just decided to let go." And he still has that inherent club-friendly bounce. It's hard to say what it is about the deep, rounded bass stabs that makes you want to dance so much, so let's not over-think it. Set against that are spacious melodies and subtle flourishes that come together with the hypnotic vocal samples, and the track is left bordering on the psychedelic.

Stream "Calling On You" exclusively below. Ossie's EP, The Buzz, is out on April 20 through Meno Records.