Over the past few years, Montreal native Adam Feingold has quietly amassed an impressive catalogue of left-of-center house and techno releases, and his new effort for Vancouver label 1080p has him exploring serene soundscapes within an ambient, analog context.

According to Feingold, Nuff Zang was created “sitting on the floor, standing up, sometimes half asleep at night or sometimes during the day,” giving the project a binary feel that satisfies on multiple spectrums. “Palo Santo” is a good example of Feingold’s hybrid approach—opening with a pulsating rhythm and splashing hi-hats, the track settles into a hypnotic groove at its halfway point. It’s a composite sound that could be equally powerful over headphones, or in a club setting.

Stream “Palo Santo” below, and stay tuned for Feingold’s Nuff Zang, out on 1080p Records April 21st, 2015.