“SMCG” plays out more like an episode of CSI: Medellín than a music video.

23 year-old Toronto rapper DillanPonders is back with a brand new visual from his sophomore record The Boy Who Lived. Produced by SmashMouth in-house beatmaker BatmanOnTheBeatz, “SMCG” is a hazy assault to the senses, with flickering hi-hats, a sinister bassline, and a reckless onslaught of drug references that would make Big Meech blush.

Writer/director Mike Goitanitch set out to give this ode to Ponders' set (the "Smash Mouth Crew Gang") a cinematic treatment. “People want more than music videos these days,” he said. “They want to be entertained, they want everything right in front of their faces. They want to taste it dripping off their teeth. We're just trying to make videos that taste good, that people want to keep consuming.”

Check out the video above, and stay tuned for a new project from DillanPonders, You’re Welcome, dropping April 1st. In the meantime, you can download The Boy Who Lived here.