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Earlier this month, we realized that–with March winding down–Miami's the hotspot for the entire EDM scene. With the Winter Music Conference right around the corner, some of the biggest imprints in the dance music scene are loading their cannons, ready to direct piping hot beats at eager heads on the dancefloor.

One such release is Ram Records annual RAMiami compilation, which always manages to feature the biggest and brightest in the drum & bass scene being themselves. While drum & bass might be seen as a more UK-centric sound (given that's where it was born), the American drum & bass scene has grown over the last few decades, and this new cut on RAMiami Drum & Bass 2015 highlights that it's not about where you're from, but where you're at.

On "We Will," two Atlanta-based producers (Logam and Mayhem) and Armanni Reign (an emcee who's from Philly but now calls Atlanta home) link up for a smoother, more moody cut. Normally, live drum & bass events involve MCs that end up doing more toasting and crowd participation rhymes over the beats, but Armanni is just as able as some of your favorite MCs not working in electronic music. It's also dope to hear Logam and Mayhem give this cut a more focused swing, letting Armanni really show his skills.

You can cop RAMiami Drum & Bass 2015 today, and be sure to look for the squad down in Miami later this month.