Over the last few years, Kalin and Myles have become one of the most prolific duos on Vine, thanks in large part to other users featuring their moderately successful single "Love Robbery" on the video app. What began as curiosity in the comments section turned into a bona fide fan base, and now Kalin and Myles are headlining their own North American tour—not bad for a few guys who met at a house party eight years ago.

Oh, and if you had any doubt about these two "making it," we featured their "ratchet-goes-Disney" single "Trampoline" in Bout to Blow and premiered the video. So, case closed. Complex News sat down with Kalin and Myles to discuss everything, from this hot hostess Myles met at Chili's to what some might call a blueprint for superstardom in 2015: The DIY fan base. Check it out.