Justin Bieber is like the sketchy, black-market, PETA-enraging Dr. Dolittle of pop music. Over the years, he’s played pet dad to at least three dogs, a cat, a hamster, a snake, and even a monkey, most of which he’s discarded like a worn-out purple hoodie.

This week, Biebs picked up a new puppy, and given his history as an absentee pet parent, it's only natural to fear for the Yorkshire terrier’s well-being. A new puppy is good for about a million Instagram likes, but the home of a pop star with protracted pubescence is hardly an environment fit for an animalhamster, snake, cat, puppy, or otherwise.

As Esther the terrier gazes directly into the jaws of almost certain death, we thought this would be a good opportunity to reflect on the many pets of Bieber’s past and present. For posterity, here is a complete index of Justin Bieber’s animal companions. Never forget.