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Junk Science—rapper Baje One and producer Snafu—is the Brooklyn-based duo who just made the best album packaging of the year. Unfamiliar? Here's how they describe themselves on their Bandcamp: "Dudes met in high school in the late '90s and have been making the music that they want to make since then, with absolutely no regard for whatever is 'hot' in any given moment."

As our friends over at First We Feast mentioned in their "Brief History of Rappers and Sandwiches," their album And The Hundred Dollar Sandwich comes packaged in a freezer-safe sandwich bag—along with a Guest Check with credits, designed by Snafu with paintings done by Cool Calm Pete. Inside the bag are two clear CDs with a photo of white bread, and 10 die-cut "ingredients" pages crafted as bacon, lettuce, coldcuts, and more with lyrics and liner notes. We took some photos of it above to show just how cool the whole thing looks. Be sure to buy And The Hundred Dollar Sandwich right here.