You might not recognise the name but you'll surely recognise J'Danna's voice from Julio Bashmore's "Rhythm Of Auld" and "Simple Love". You may even remember her tribute to Gil Scott-Heron, "Winter In America". If you somehow missed all of those, fear not, because you can now get acquainted with her on "Gazing", her debut single. This track is a heartfelt, but never pained, expression of sympathy for her peers plagued by growing pains, though her hypnotic yet uplifting vocals offer an optimistic promise, imploring positive aspirations. The overall message here is that it doesn't matter how unrealistic your dreams are, you don't have a chance of achieving them unless you take the first step. With some live dates tentatively penciled in for the summer, and rumour of an album, you can now stream and download "Gazing" for free below.

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