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J. Cole is currently in the middle of the first leg of his Forest Hills Drive tour that is set to last through the summer. Last night, Cole took a break from touring to sit down for an interview on PBS with Tavis Smiley to discuss a number of topics including Cole's storytelling raps, and growing up in North Carolina.

During the in-depth conversation, Cole spoke openly about how he prefers to tell stories through his raps rather than battling other artists, and that he learned to master this technique through listening to Tupac and Nas. He also discussed his childhood home, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, and the importance it had on his youth and his eventual rap career. To end the program, Cole took some time to decode three songs from 2014 Forest Hills Drive, and spoke about their importance to the project. Full details on Cole's ongoing tour, which will be featured at OVO Fest in August, are available here.