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Grimes and Bleachers have teamed up for their new song “Entropy” that’ll appear on season four of HBO’s Girls airing tonight.

Back in November of last year, Jack Antonoff (who has made a name for himself in both fun. and Bleachers) announced he was working with Grimes again. The pair collaborated on a Bleachers song called “Take Me Away.” Here’s what Antonoff told the Daily Beast:

“I've done these sessions where they throw a bunch of writers together and have a reference for what they want to do, and it's factory-farming bullshit. But anytime I work with Taylor or Tegan and Sara or Sara Bareilles or anyone I'm working with right now — I was with Grimes yesterday, who I love — it's just the two of us in a room having a really good time. Or a really emotional time. We're throwing around ideas and sounds so that the result is 1 + 1 = more than 2. That's why it's really cool to collaborate.”

Earlier today, we finally get to hear what they came up with during those sessions. On the pop-tinged, '80s-influenced track, Grimes’ airy vocals serve as the focal point. While it’s a detraction from “Go” or "REALiTi", Grimes is clearly a talented artist who can do it all. Listen to it below.