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Fame School and DJ Ak Murda team up today for Fame School Over Everything, a mixtape featuring  Fame School Slim on production and Telli on vocals, and a number of features from Manolo Rose, Dave East, Chinx, and more. The New York-based crew has been working on the project for the last six months, and since the success of Manolo Rose's "Run Ricky Run," Fame School has been working non-stop with artists around the city. 

The entire project, featuring new tracks and previously released collabs, can be streamed in full below:

1. Fathers Day Freestyle - Telli 
Tax Stone Speaks 
2. Gang Gang Gang - Manolo Rose 
3. Fuck 12 Remix - Manolo Rose ft. Tray Pizzy 
4. Scarface - Dark Ft. Manolo Rose 
5. Money Machine - Telli ft. Manolo Rose 
6. On my mind - she's Ryan 
7. Pardon Us - Telli ft. Manolo Rose 
8. Money Team - Telli 
9. Easy - Haze ft. Telli 
10. Get like Me - Manolo Rose ft. Chinx Drugz
11. Tom Ford & Crack Smoke - Dave East Ft. Manolo Rose & Telli
12. Check N Cash - Vado ft. Manolo Rose 
13. Gun Fu - Manolo Rose 
14. Burn - Telli 
15. Level Up (Ak Murda Mash Up) - Telli
16. Lit Lit - Telli ft. Johnny Nelson 
17. Finesse - Loyal Deuce
18.Run Ricky Run - Manolo Rose ft. Telli 
19.Looking for me - Telli ft. Neako