Kuedo's had an interesting ride. While the name might not be familiar to many on the more "mainstream" side of things, some should remember the work he put in as one-half of Vex'd, a duo that was on the forefront of some of the grittier sounds to hit the dubstep scene, when that sound was still finding its way. The majority of their output was released on Planet Mu, and helped shape the darker, more rugged side of the dubstep scene, without the more mainstage-ready synths and drops. Their split in 2008 helped birth the rise of Kuedo, a name that's still associated with the legendary Planet Mu, but has also seen him take that moody, brooding sound to Kode9's Hyperdub imprint, but it's this remix for Ninja Tune that's sure to open up Kuedo's sound even further.

Dropping on April 7 on Ninnja Tune is the Joined Ends Remixes EP, which finds Tim HeckerBibioNathan FakeRedinho, and Kuedo reworking cuts from Dorian Concept's Joined Ends album. Kuedo attacks "Ann River, Mn," taking the airy beauty of that number and created an enticing eerie escape into the world of electronic beats. It's the kind of cut that you can blast while playing Resident Evil, heightening the scenes and making the brow sweat a bit.

Stream Kuedo's remix below, and if you're not too shook, pre-order the remix EP

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