Dame Dash continued his recent media tour this morning with a stop at Power 105's The Breakfast Club show for an informative interview where he and the crew touched on a number of topics. While Dame started talking about his ongoing film projects, he ended up gearing the conversation towards his past days on the streets of Harlem and the philosophy he uses when it comes to confrontations.

While Dame was openly talking about the past, he made it clear he didn't want to talk about Jay Z during the interview, and became frustrated when his past with Hov kept getting brought up. "I just don't want to talk about those days, it was 15 years ago," Dame said. He also revealed that the two times he was photographed with Jay over the past few years have been the only times that he has seen him since they stopped doing business together. In an interview last week, Dame said that he couldn't do business with Jay because of rumors that he's friends with informants. In typical Dame fashion, the interview, which you can watch part one of above, was an intense conversation.