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San Diego rapper Tiny Doo, real name Brandon Duncan, was previously facing life in prison for lyrics in his songs before a judge dismissed the charges last night. Duncan was one of 15 defendants charged with felonies relating to a series of shootings from 2013 and 2014, and was arrested though he had no knowledge of the shootings or any past criminal record.

The prosecutors were able to arrest Duncan on conspiracy charges under an unusual California law titled Proposition 21 that labeled his music as gang activity and promotion. "If you want to hear my music, it's not promoting anything," Duncan said. "I'm not telling anybody to commit no crime, I'm not telling anybody to do anything. It's just artistry. I'm painting a picture of an urban community."

Under the law, prosecutors must prove that Duncan benefited in some way from the gang activity, which they were unable to do, thus leading to his charges being dismissed. Duncan was originally arrested back in June, 2014 and spent months in jail before he was able to post the $50,000 bail in the case. This is likely not the last we will hear of rappers lyrics used in court, especially with the potential Bobby Shmurda trial on the horizon, and New York prosecutors already bringing up his lyrics in preliminary hearings.

[via NBC San Diego]