Last time on Boyz in the Woodz, Curren$y and Stalley learned how to build a fire (sort of) and cook their own food (sort of). But flames alone won’t keep a man warm through a whole night in the woods. He needs some sort of shelter for that.

But building a shelter in the wild ain’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. Luckily for Stalley, he’s had some construction experience from his work with Habitat for Humanity (hey, the guy’s got heart). But building a shelter without the help of modern tools, or at least a nearby home improvement store, is going to call for some real help. Lucky for our boys, they have their trusty outdoorsman, Alan Halcon, to show them the ropes—in this case, literally.

So how did they do? Well, for that you’ll have to watch the latest episode of Boyz in the Woodz, presented by Old Spice, in the video above.