With so much turn up going on these days, you have to set aside some time to turn down. While this isn't the philosophy behind Starkey's NOREMIXES imprint, that's the wave that he's on. The Philly-based DJ/producer/label head talked about exploring the deeper, more classical side of electronic music he is releasing on NOREMIXES, and their next release, Sophia from the Wilmington, DE-based duo known as Beck-Fields, is for the chilled turn down session in your immediate future.

While the majority of Sophia is on a more moody, ambient flavor, "De Insomniis" adds some skittery rhythms, giving off a twisted Aphex Twin/Autechre vibe, circa the mid-'90s. Word is that Beck-Fields is big on producing their tracks live to tape, sans overdubs, which ends up turning improvised electronic experiments into fully-formed moments in time. Sure, there's a start and an ending, but these play like intricate, free-form short stories as opposed to the build-up/drop/breakdown/drop/outro formula of cookie-cutter EDM. The kind of shit you'd reflect on life to... preferably with a nice wine in your glass.

Sophia drops via NOREMIXES on March 16. You can own "De Insomniis" for $free.99 today, and if you pre-order, you can grab another tune as well.