Maybe you remember Los Angeles-via-Chicago artist Wonda from the original version of Tunji Ige's breakout hit "Day2Day" but if you don't, let "Your Baby" be your formal introduction. There's potential in this track to be one of the most impressive songs of the year from an up-and-coming artist. Over twinkling production from Casper & B, Wonda's woozy, raspy bars detail all the nights he's spent in with your baby—probably ordering pepperoni pizza.

"I came to the realization that no matter who you are with at the current moment in your life, it is always someone else's baby," Wonda told Complex over email. "Even if you are in a committed relationship of some sorts, there's still always someone else out there who thinks of the person you're with as their baby. So in between that and the fact that rappers are always trying to point out that they fucked someone's bitchh, I thought reality, everybody is fucking someone's bitch. Bitch feels kinda harsh though, so BABY it is."

Wonda is gearing up to drop a project titled Hooky later this year. For now, put "Your Baby" on repeat: