From: Newark, N.J.
Listen To: Her debut mixtape, The New Klassiks

As one of the only women on the decks for Jersey’s Brick Bandits crew (which features DJ Sliink, Nadus, and other Jersey club DJs), UNiiQU3 has been representing the party-rockin’ club sound throughout the Tri-State, gaining the attention of the forward-thinking and highly regarded GHE20G0TH1K and Lit City crews. For the uninitiated, Jersey club is an offshoot of the Baltimore club sound (which marries the hip-hop and house scenes). The Jersey sound ups the tempo while maintaining cooler vibes and also uses trap build-ups and breakdowns. Lit City linked up with Brick Bandits to release UNiiQU3’s The New Klassiks mixtape, on which the Jersey upstart dazzled with her skills as a selector­—she’s not just picking big records, she’s picking the right records, such as the classic Bmore of Rod Lee’s “E Pillz” and thunderous future Jersey club vibe of her remix of DJ Tameil’s “Tek 9.”

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