The light-hearted funk of LA PRIEST's (pronounced "Lah Pree-st") previous band, Late Of The Pier, is immediately recognisable in his debut single, "Oino". Despite only using the LA Priest moniker once before on a 12" released on Erol Alkan's Phantasy label, this isn't the only project Dust has worked on since Late Of The Pier's hiatus, churning out several anonymous experimental releases in Greenland. "Oino" isn't quite as esoteric as that, wearing its unashamed devotion to poppy disco on its sleeve. Even the vocals sound like a warped Bootsy Collins bass lick, slipping and sliding with remarkable precision. The track is released on March 30 through Domino. (Also, check out the the tripped-out interactive Earth Window website he created for the single alongside visual artist, Leon Sandler).