The mad scientist of electronica, Squarepusher, has just announced the impending arrival of his next album, Damogen Furies. The new LP will be the first since 2012's Ufabulum and first impressions would suggest Damogen Furies could eclipse its predecessor. "Rayc Fire 2" is the first track to be heard from the album and it offers us a taste of a more club-oriented Squarepusher, yet one that has refused to compromise on the acerbic sound he's become known for.

And when we say "club-oriented", don't expect Flo Rida to jump on the verse, this is still as unforgiving as anything he's put out in the past. Damogen Furies comes out on April 20 via his old stomping ground, Warp. You can listen to "Rayc Fire 2" by heading over to his website (once you've scrolled down a little).