Last month, the legendary Slick Rick celebrated his 50th birthday party with the help of Nas and a memorable performance of "Children's Story" to cap off the extraordinary evening. To help further celebrate Rick's greatness, The New York Times recently profiled the Bronx MC to find out more about what his life is like at 50 and reflect on his numerous accomplishments. “I don’t feel like I’m 50,” Rick said. “I don’t talk like a 50-year-old person. Sometimes miserable old people depend on happy young people to give them a sense of purpose. Not me. Of course not!”

Rick, who still lives in the Bronx with this wife Mandy, discussed his come up in hip-hop, and the importance of his storytelling raps that helped pave the way for the hip-hop culture into mainstream society. Rick also shared his thoughts on the current state of hip-hop, and said that it is further altered and diluted than when he was coming up. "What you see now are performers who have been broken to fit into a mold. They are not going to disrupt the order of things," Rick said. The full profile can be read here.