Back in December, the state of America (#Ferguson, #BlackLivesMatter, and so much more) inspired DJ Green Lantern to curate his latest mixtape, "Machine." It definitely had a "taking the power back" attitude, with Green splicing speeches from Michael Eric Dyson and Killer Mike with material from Immortal Techniquedead prez, and others against a thunderous, electronic backdrop. As you know, he's been on the EDM / trap wave for the better part of the last two years, and this was Green bridging the gap between the heavy thematic side of his mixtapes with that sound, to great effect. 

In January, the Evil Genius let go of the mixtape's opener, "Monster," and today he's back with another exclusive from the tape in the form of his remix of RL Grime's Big Sean-assisted "Kingpin," which is taken from RL Grime's 2014 debut album Void. Instead of going too bananas on the remix tip, Green kept the constant wail throughout RL Grime's original, keeps Sean's infectious hook, and let's his bass-driven manipulation of that huge instrumental do the rest.

Street-certified, club-approved, Green's highlighting just how perfectly the worlds of hip-hop and electronic music can intersect.