Calgary law enforcement officials are reporting that images contained in a self-produced music video assisted police in filing charges against two Calgarians in an ongoing drug trafficking investigation.

In a press conference last week, the Calgary police drug unit's staff sergeant Martin Schiavetta revealed that his team had been investigating two individuals for months before the search warrant was filed and the arrests were made. During the investigation, police became aware of a music video by Calgary rapper Selloo featuring Lil Haitian, that “provided evidence that police used in relation to generating the evidence required for a search warrant.”

The music video opens with a drawn-out depiction of two messenger bags being exchanged, and features a crew of at least ten men brandishing variety of weapons throughout. It concludes with depictions of a home invasion, an assault, and a mock abduction. Though the content of the music video is all clearly scripted and therefore inadmissible as evidence, the crux here is that it still aided Calgary police in uncovering valid evidence that helped secure a search warrant. 30-year-old Selwyn Marcus Caine and 24-year-old Djambou Teddy Wemini are set to appear in court on Wednesday.

During the bust, police seized “20.6 grams of crack cocaine, 15.4 grams of marijuana, a machete, an Airsoft Uzi and Airsoft Thompson submachine-gun, $8,050 in Canadian currency, a weigh scale, and three cellphones." Schiavetta adds that even though the weapons in possession are replica guns, they still pose a threat to police and to the community.

Just another reminder to be careful what you put on the Internet. Feds watchin’.